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Advanced Database Research Group

Related Organizations

Some of the organizations that ADRG has worked with before or is currently working with include:

Bio 5BIO 5 (The University of Arizona Institute for Collaborative BioResearch)

Empowering scientists to tackle complex problems: how to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, how to better feed a hungry world and maintain livable environments.
ISPEIE (Institute of Environment and Study at The University of Arizona)

Providing an interdisciplinary framework for addressing global environmental questions.
ERER (International Conference on Conceptual Modeling)

ER2013, Hong Kong
ER2012, Florence, Italy
ER2011, Brussels, Belgium

WITS (Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems)

WITS 2013 December 2013, Milan, Italy
WITS 2012 December 2012, Orlando, Florida, USA
WITS 2011 December 2011, Shanghai, China

ARIAARIA (Arizona Regional Image Archive)

An interdisciplinary resource system for digital image and map data for the Sonoran desert region, including the US Southwest and northern Mexico.

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