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Advanced Database Research Group

Master's Projects

View ADRG Master's projects to by student name and project title from the current year to 1986:


Aravind P Shankar
Business Intelligence Implementation for MOSAIC
Deepika Nim
Metrics Monitoring System (Freescale Semiconductor)
Hetal Mehta
Report and Dashboard creation at Intuit
Jagadish Ramamurthy
Sanofi Aventis –Scientific Knowledge Repository: Tucson Repository of Related Information (TURRI)
Jagdeep S Kalsi
OPAL – An Event Monitoring and Analytics Infrastructure For Enterprise Performance Management
Jiayun Zhao
University College – Interdisciplinary Study Online Application System
Kalpesh Jain, Neha Sabharwal
Kunpeng Zhang
Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Databases for Knowledge Discovery - ADRG
Nikunj Kshatriya
W7 Model Application to Wikipedia Edit History - ADRG
Nivethitha Kumar
Call Volume Tracker – Intuit SBG
Shankar Venkataraman
A Product Selector for Freescale’s Sales and Marketing Team
Shirish Khandekar
Course Management System for the Department of Mathematics
Sriram Srinivasan
Eller MIS Student Career Management System
Vinod Nanthan
ARIZONA RESPIRATORY CENTER – Data Quality issues with ARC Data

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