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Advanced Database Research Group

Ph.D Dissertations

Chang Heon Lee
Dynamics of advice network and knowledge contribution: A longitudinal social network analysis, 2012
Jun Liu
W7 Model of Provenance and its application in the context of Wikipedia, 2010
Ying Liu
Multicriterion Market Segmentation: A Unified Model, Implementation and Evaluation, 2007
Yousub Hwang
Facilitating Web Service Discovery and Publishing: A Theoretical Framework, a Prototype System, and Evaluation, 2007
Limin Zhang
Contextual Web Search Based on Semantic Relationships: A Theoretical Framework, Evaluation and a Medical Application Prototype, 2006
Faiz Currim
A Framework for Modeling Business Rules in Conceptual Database Design, 2004
Vijay Khatri
Bridging the Spatio Temporal Semantic Gap: A theoretical Framework, Evaluation and a Prototype System, 2002
Huimin Zhao
Combining Schema and Instance Information for Integrating Heterogeneous Databases: An Analytical Approach and Empirical Evaluation, 2002
Jinsoo Park
Facilitating Interoperability among Heterogeneous Geographic Database Systems, 1999
Shailaja Venkatsubramanyan
Discovering Distributed and Heterogeneous Resources over the Internet: A Theoretical Foundation for an Ontology-Driven Agent Based Model - It's Design, Implementation and Validation, 1999
Divakaran Liginlal
Building Fuzzy Front-End Decision Support Systems for New Product Introduction in Global Telecommunication Markets: A Fuzzy Measure-Theoretical Approach, 1999

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